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English School

NEO Language Institute: Redefining English Learning in Aurora, CO

Learning English has never been this exciting! NEO Language Institute located in the heart of Aurora, CO, isn't just another "English school." It's an experience, a journey, and most importantly, a community that believes in the power of unconventional learning.

The Unconventional Approach of NEO Language Institute

Ever heard the saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"? Well, at NEO, it's all about blending work with a good dose of fun!

The Power of Fun Assignments

Remember the last time you genuinely enjoyed doing an assignment? Difficult to recall? NEO changes that narrative. Here, assignments aren’t just tasks but rather, they’re engaging challenges.

Practices that Make Learning Memorable

Gone are the days when you would sit for hours, mugging up English rules. At NEO, the goal is to make learning stick. Through role-playing, group projects, and on-the-spot challenges, students not only learn English but live it.

Levels of Learning: From Novice to Pro

Every student is unique. And NEO understands that. Catering to different proficiency levels, NEO has something for everyone.

The Elementary Group

Starting fresh? The elementary group is perfect for beginners. Dive into the basics of English, explore the language, and build a strong foundation.

Intermediate Learners

For those who have some knowledge but want to refine their skills, the intermediate group is the place to be. Dive deeper into the language nuances and build confidence.

Advanced Mastery

Ready to master the art of English? The advanced group challenges you, pushes your boundaries, and ensures you're ready to face the world with your impeccable language skills.

More than Just a Class: The NEO Conversation Clubs

Learning is one thing, but applying it is another. And what better way to apply than to converse?

An Opportunity to Practice Real Conversations

Enter the NEO Conversation Clubs - a safe space to practice, make mistakes, learn, and grow. It's where theory meets practical.

Choose Any Topic, And Just Speak!

Movies, music, technology - pick any topic close to your heart and let the words flow. Not only do these clubs help in enhancing language proficiency, but they also broaden horizons and foster new friendships.


So, if you're in Aurora, CO, and the word 'English school' strikes a chord, remember there's a place that offers more than just education. NEO Language Institute is where learning English becomes a joyous journey, filled with challenges, laughter, growth, and countless memories. Ready to embark on this unique experience?

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  • Can beginners enroll at NEO?
    Absolutely! NEO offers courses for all levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced.
  • What makes NEO different from other English schools?
    NEO stands out because of its unconventional teaching methods which include fun assignments and conversation clubs.
  • Do they offer online education?
    The focus at NEO is on in-person experiences. We believe this has the best effect in pronunciation progression.
  • Are there any opportunities for real-time conversation practice at NEO?
    Yes, NEO has Conversation Clubs where students can engage in discussions on a variety of topics.
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