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Neo Language Institute

English Language School​Aurora, CO

English​      Spanish       Accent Reduction

Learn a New Language and Speak with Confidence!

Neo Language Institute is an English language school in Colorado, established in 2019. We teach English to people living in the US, from beginners to advanced learners. Our classes suit adults and cover both language and American culture. Come join English classes and take your first step to speaking English fluently!

What We Offer

1. Accent Reduction Classes: Learn to pronounce English sounds clearly.
2. English Conversation Club: Practice speaking with native speakers.
3. TOEFL and IELTS Preparation: Get ready for TOEFL and IELTS exams.
4. English for Employees: Improve your business communication skills.
5. English Schools for Adults: Tailored lessons for adults


Conversation Club

Join our English conversation club. Meet students from different countries and share stories. You'll grow your language skills in a friendly space.

NEO Student Studying 1.HEIC

Student Life

At NEO students receive special attention! Our classes are small, and our lessons are personalized to suit your  needs and goals!

Open Enrollment

All classes are ongoing!  Students can enroll any time of the year. Each student will be on their own, individual learning program.

NEO Students 5.JPG

Who are Our Students

Many of our students come to the US with dreams. They want to work, make friends, and speak English. We help them achieve their goals.

Importance of Learning English

If you're in the US, learning English is vital. It's the language most people use to communicate with every day. We offer courses for all levels to help newcomers fit in, find jobs, and make friends. With us, learning English is more than just lessons; it's the start of a new life. 

Advantages of Our School

Tailored Courses: Lessons for every level.
Expert Teachers: Experienced in teaching English.
Flexible Timing: Classes that fit your life.
Cultural Learning: Learn American culture.
Modern Facilities: High-tech classrooms.
Friendly Environment: Supportive community.
Job Help: Our corporate English programs are designed to empower employees.
Full Learning Approach: All aspects of English.
Affordable Fees: Quality education at good prices.
Regular Checks: Regular assessments to guide you.




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  • Can beginners enroll at NEO?
    Absolutely! NEO offers courses for all levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced.
  • What makes NEO different from other English schools?
    NEO stands out because of its unconventional teaching methods which include fun assignments and conversation clubs.
  • Do they offer online education?
    The focus at NEO is on in-person experiences. We believe this has the best effect in pronunciation progression.
  • Are there any opportunities for real-time conversation practice at NEO?
    Yes, NEO has Conversation Clubs where students can engage in discussions on a variety of topics.

Testimonials about English Language School


Ana Ugarte


Highly recommended. Excellent language school. Alfredo Soliz, owner and director of Neo Language Institute cares about each and every person who wants to learn English and/or Spanish, providing a positive learning and practice experience.

Mikhail Anurov


This is the best place to learn English that I have ever seen in Denver. Alfredo is an excellent teacher with a unique approach to learning. We have a lot of time to teach the rules, discuss news and hot topics. We also play games where we explain words to memorize them faster. I like this institute and I highly recommend this place.

J Archer


Alfredo and the rest of the staff at Neo clearly care about the success of every student. I've been here for a couple of months and I'm seeing the number of students grow every week. If you're learning Spanish, there are lots of Spanish speaking students (learning English) here to practice with!

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Start learning English with Neo Language Institute. Whether you've just arrived or just need to improve your skills, we have classes for you. We'll help you communicate confidently in your daily life and work. Contact us today and step into a world of opportunities in the US with Neo Language Institute. Join now!

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